About Me

Fuerteventura Property Advisor

I come from sLOVEnia and have been living on Fuerteventura since 2002. When I was about 10 years old I started sorting out plumbing issues in neighbouring houses with my retired granddad. By the time I was 14 years old, I was already earning my way by fixing plumbing issues and starting to build bathrooms as a builder.

Soon I got involved in house renovations and by the time I was 19, I was running a concrete factory and still working on bathrooms and kitchens. With time my projects became mainly big constructions and highways…

While my heart was always in sports and island lifestyle I decided to move to the Canaries 20 years ago and make my home in Fuerteventura. Hereafter working in a surf school I quickly got back into sorting homes for real estates businesses and banks as well as for private owners. 

Since I have no fixed office, my work is on the field and I’m constantly responding to urgent matters. 

I own a home and a plot of land where I created a beautiful park with tools to raise our conscious awareness about our health and the growing plants. About a decade ago I decided to not work for bigger companies anymore and dedicated my attention to private owners directly. This way we can always find what is causing certain problems and in cases of additional built or purchases of property, I can pinpoint the issues that will come to the surface sooner or later.

My speciality is repairing and finding causes to ongoing problems on your property.

I am also changing the way people purchase properties. While normally real estate people are selling properties by showing and saying: this is a living room or this is a bedroom and outside is potential for garden… It is something what a 7-year-old child can do, as they normally do not know anything about the quality of construction or materials used unless the constructor left them some written note.

Often those are bank repossessions or used homes and repairs are hidden by fresh paint and so on. All this makes many people unaware of the cost for future years and believe me, that is why you see so many properties on sale as purchasers can’t keep up with the hidden costs generated in next 2-3 years of trying to keep above their short term calculation.

I have saved so many homes from unhappy people just working from not losing their debt, which normally gets just bigger than calculated… this can be a massive headache for years till property is sorted or sold and hopefully not with huge money loss.